Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A Few Pics of Hanoi


izali said...

very nice picture of vietnam....b4 this, vietnam is place that i don want to go, but finally i realize vietnam is wonderful country. ill put vietnam in my 'want to go' list. tqvm - izali from malaysia

ManinVietnam said...

Thank you izali, I am glad you enjoyed the pics.

I hope you will visit Vietnam soon. It is a lovely country and should be at the top of everyone's list of countries to visit because it is beautiful and so different from anywhere else.

I hope to visit Malaysia one day too, I hear it is well worth a visit.

ClappingTrees said...

Wow! Hanoi looks beautiful and quite Chinese. Would love to visit this place one day soon. :-)

ManinVietnam said...

Hanoi is a beautiful city and well worth spending time in. So many people only come for a few days and never get to understand or see the Hanoi beneath.

An interesting name you have. What made you call yourself clappingtrees? I have never heard or seen trees applaud lol

I taught English in Ningbo near Shanghai for a summer and I believe Vietnam is very different from China. Although they are neighbours and many Hanoi people still appear to follow Confucian thinking, generally Vietnamese people appear to behave very differently from Chinese people I have met.

I hope you get to visit one day: too much work isn't good for you you know. You deserve a holiday...

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