Sunday, 11 March 2007

A Day Out including the Temple of Literature

Had a good day out today. I thought instead of spendng all day staring at this screen I would try and see one or two of Hanoi's sights. So I said to the motorbike taxi guy "Temple of Literature". So after a discussion between the motos about what I meant we set off (with a little boy standing on the front of the bike who we took to school)I had read it is 2 kilometres away, but have lost my map so wasn't sure where it was. So he takes me to the Hanoi Hilton prison! Then asks a guide to listen to me and find out where I want to go. So I got there eventually (and it turns out its across the road from the where I work!), I even gave him some extra money cus he had travelled a long way.

The Temple of Literature is well worth a visit, an oasis of peace in a busy, noisy city although Sunday afternoon may not have been the best time to visit. I took the camera so will put some pics up soon. It was founded in the 11th Century as the first Vietnamese university.

After the Temple of Literature I walked round to the Art Museum and wandered around there for an hour and a half. It is huge, and has some good work, although too many war pictures/statues for my liking. The Vietnam/American war still seems to be very important to this nation.

Personally, I am pleased the Vietnamese won, but hate war and see it as an unnecessary waste of young lives to make politicians feel powerful. There are (nearly) always better ways of sorting out arguments between countries that don't involve the slaughter of innocent young people. It seems to me that the Americans are a warmongering people who want to dominate the whole world.

As I write this I am watching Chelsea losing 3-2 to Tottenham with 15 mins to go, live on TV, which is something I couldn't do in good ol' blighty. As a Chelsea supporter I am sure we will get at least a draw out of it...

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