Thursday, 22 March 2007

New Job and link to EFL ESOL sites

I have a new job! Yay!! I still have the old one too. I could live on 1.5 hours teaching a day, but had to cut down a bit because it only brought in about $150 a week.

The new job is teaching a very-well-off family English. I will be teaching the adults and teens 8-10pm Mondays and Thursdays and children Wednesday 8-10pm and Saturday 10-12am.

So wish me luck. So far I have met them once and taught one lesson and they have cancelled twice because of power cuts at their house. Which doesn't sound too promising, but they do seem good people and I think it is going to be ok.

I was picked up by their chauffeur and taken in a limousine to their house in the suburbs of Hanoi. Separate from their posh new house they have a boardroom with a whiteboard! The perfect setting for teaching.

They are very low-level so have a long way to go, but using New English File (which is a great coursebook and I recommend to any ESOL/EFL teacher) I am sure we will be able to get them up to a level where they can use English in everyday ways soon.

I would like to thank my friend James in Ho Chi Minh for recommending me and therefore getting me the job.

I have just found a great EFL blog that has given me some great ideas. It has some excellent links to free EFL websites that I have been unable to find by searching on Google.

The blog is:

and a very useful site I found thro it is:

You do have to join but it is all free and has flashcards, worksheets, games, etc and is well worth a visit or ten.

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