Sunday, 15 April 2007

Control (or lack of) in Vietnam, and Control in Bliar's Britain

This is supposed to be a communist country and the enemy of capitalism, yet it is less controlling than Tony Bliar's Britain. Yes, they want to know where you are and houses for foreigners are controlled, but other than that it doesn't affect everyday life for me. I think we are fed a lot of crap by the Western press which makes us believe that Vietnam and other Communist countries are evil and controlling, but it seems to me it would be impossible to for any country to be more controlling than the Big Brother state that Britain has become, with its speed cameras; surveillance cameras; life-tracking passports; "anti-terrorist" legislation (which seems designed to restrict and control the general population far more than it will ever affect terrorists). The day they brought in satellite trackers on my vehicle at work I knew I had to leave, not only the job, but the country.

For me the end of the Cold War seems to have brought about a juxtaposition, with Communist states being more open and less controlling and Western governments controlling people more and more. As it was deemed a "bad thing" under Communism, so it is in the West and in my opinion nothing good will come of it.

Beware Big Brother is watching you, Winston...

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pj said...

hi Graham. I like what you say about Blairs Britain and I envy you riding your bike around Hanoi without a care. I want to come and live in Hanoi and get out of the bloody UK for a while, I don't have any teaching skills though. Are there opportunities to earn money if I just came and gave it a go? I'm 39 and feel like I want to get away for a bit?

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