Thursday, 12 April 2007

The New House

I am back online!!!!


The house is lovely (the cockerel across the alleyway is not so!) The school at the end of the alley is a little noisy at times but has locked gates most of the time so the alleyway is a dead end YAY!!

So a lot of the time it is the quietest house in Hanoi! Something that not many people can say. Builders have stripped everything from the house next door, but they have started plastering so I don't think it will last long and mostly they are fairly quiet although they did start hammering at 8am this morning (thankyou builders).

Now we have wireless internet throughout the house and it even works on the roof terrace. Tomorrow we should be getting cable television...

So all is good in the life of a man in Hanoi. I will take some pics of the new abode and get em online soon I promise dear reader (singular)

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