Monday, 28 May 2007

Mal & Sim's Leaving Do

It is going to be a very sad week this week.

Simone and Malcolm are leaving to go travelling.

They had their leaving party last night and it was up to their usual fantastic standard: I got home at 4am slightly inebriated and very merry.

No Pictionary on the glass this time, instead lots of people pulled faces on one side while people drew them on the other side, with hilarious results. I forgot to take my camera so don't have any pics but hope to get some off of Simone later. But the party was great with lots of interesting people to chat to, good music on the Ipod and lots of fun.

I stole the pic off her blog

(don't tell her!) Just couldn't resist this great shot. Malcolm actually looks worse than this now as he has had poncy streaks put in his hair! He promised to have his anus waxed last night and provide us with pics! It is OK Malc, we can manage without...

Come back soon Sim and Mal you will both be greatly missed

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Sim said...

Ha ha ha ha thanks Graham! We'll miss you too...but don't forget we're coming back! I will be sure to email you some of the pictures!

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