Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Birthday Party, New Job and Tet Holiday

I have had a good few days. On Saturday I attended my friend Thuy's birthday party. She used to live in the north of Viet Nam but moved down here to work. I met her through Julian and Clio. Her second language is French but her English is pretty good too. So some of the guests were French, some Vietnamese and me the only Brit, lol. Julian who we met in Vinh was there and his English is excellent and Ben, a Frenchman who is trying to design and sell t-shirts in HCM, was happy to chat in English too. I cooked (Chau peeled the pots :-)) potatoes with scrambled egg (Thuy's favourite dish at a restaurant on Bui Vien. I had never cooked it before, and put a little too much salt in the egg, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. So it was a very enjoyable evening.

Then yesterday I had a presentation/second interview for a very well paid job. The presentation went well and I got the job. So after Tet I will be teaching (presuming everything goes well) business English at a company in District 2. They will pay me travel expenses on top of a very good hourly rate. YAY!!!!

For Tet I am going to Malaysia from 30th Jan to 14 Feb. I am meeting Julian and Fiona from Hanoi there. So I'm really looking forward to that and know we'll have a great time.


Anonymous said...


It's always amazing what another day brings....in my case 30 degrees F weather and snow...so be thankful that everyone is wearing shorts at the party...

Looks like fun...and I got to start seriously considering my move to Vietnam...

What animal was on the cake? It looked like a rooster...

Look forward to pics from Malaysia...

NV Sam

ManinVietnam said...

Well here it's 30C! I know where I'd rather be, lol.

It was a cock/rooster/coq, she was probably born in the year of the cock.

I am looking forward to seeing Malaysia too. It is somewhere I have never been. (I hope I don't bump into my ex-wife. That is where she was last reported as being)

I found a link to a camp in the forest where you can stay for 2 nights 3 days in Borneo (which is close to Malaysia) for only about $100, but it looks like you have to take a couple of planes to get there which would make it prohibitively expensive.

The link is:


Hibbitweet link