Sunday, 6 January 2008

poem about moving to a new city

My time in Cambodia is a blur spent alone
And now in Saigon I still feel like stone
There are people I know, challenges to face
But loneliness bites deep
I see a million people living their daily lives
and know they don’t care

I need to find a way through the maze of despair
Find a way to breathe in this contemptuous air
There are people I know, challenges to face
But I sink into lethargy
Watched by so many and yet seen by none
They do care, but not about me

I see cripples galore living life to a degree
Begging for money, nothing for free
They have people they know, many challenges to face
Do they ever sink into malaise?
I see them and wonder who is under the gaze
Should I care about them?


Anonymous said...

I remember feeling the same way on my travels through Paris/Amsterdam....that I was surrounded by thousands of people but really knew no one. This is why its so important to live *in* a community and have something to do on a daily basis (teaching for example) so one can start to build friendships.

Nevada Sam

ManinVietnam said...

Hi Sam

Yeah that is the problem: to much time on my hands...

I have applied for a few jobs and yesterday I went for a job interview but Tet holiday (where the whole country shuts down for 2 weeks) is approaching fast and no one seems to be hiring atm. Come back in a month or so and there'll be jobs aplenty, but I'm running short of available money and need to be doing something, as you say.

Zea said...

hey, this is really good ;) definitely describes the alienation and loneliness feeling..

i also have a blog - life in vietnam -

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