Saturday, 23 February 2008

In Limbo

I am sitting in limbo now.

Before Tet I applied for a job, had an interview, which I passed, was asked to do a 15 minute lesson plan which the was happy with and was told I had got the job teaching the employees at a factory in District 2. I was promised an email about the hours while in Malaysia. But it never arrived and no replies to emails. So when I got back from holiday I tried emailing the school head office in Hanoi. I eventually got a reply telling me the guy who interviewed me had left the company and had not mentioned me to them.

They asked me for another interview... This was getting repetitive... I met the director of the company and was told I still had the job (at a reduced rate of pay!) and it was starting 25th Feb. So I rented a motorbike, which I would need to get to work. Then a couple of days ago they rang to say the company wanted to put off the course for one week. GGGRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr

Bear in mind I have been to Cambodia for three weeks for Christmas and New Year and then Malaysia for Tet, so have little money left. They won't pay me til a month after the start of work and I have to pay $10 a night for the hotel plus my food, etc. So I am trying to live as cheaply as possible now and hope my money lasts out.

So it really pisses me off when I get overcharged. I am still angry about dinner last night. I ate the night before in a small local place, had pork, rice and salad which was 15,000 VND. Then last night I returned, had 2 chicken legs, rice, salad and vegetables. 40,000 VND! Which is ridiculous. This happens quite often here. They see a non-local and try to get as much as they can out of you, probably thinking you are a tourist.

On a plus point I met a nice French couple: Kevin and his girlfriend who are working in a restaurant in HMC. We are all looking for a house to share around District 1, so wish us luck


gmralston said...

I've been in limbo for over a year now, loving every minute of it:-) Just kidding but it feels like limbo sometimes. I know it's no laughing matter when your on a tight budget. You know 15000 seems dam cheap for meal in Saigon these days. If it was indoors, like a small local restaurant and in District 1 then the 30-40k is about right, but if it was street food then 40000 is heavy. I do find the Saigonese less likely to rip off foreigners than in other parts of the country. It sounds like that school is pissing you about, I am not a teacher but I know that a good English teacher with experience and quals will make a good living in Saigon, now you got a bike you could go around the English schools with your CV. It is hard to find accommodation in D1 for a sensible price, you will probably end up settling for Binh Thanh or Phu Nhuan where there is much more choice and lower price.

Nevada Sam said...

Hang in there Graham! Glad you are back in Uncle Ho Town and ready to get cracking!

If you need extra money, ever consider puppet shows on the street corner? Maybe some Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen?

(Just kidding.)

Look forward to more reports,

ManinVietnam said...

It was a local place with the food in a glass cabinet outside and a guy barbecueing pork outside. 15000 was about right for pork and rice and two pieces of chicken, rice and veg should have been maybe 30000 max. It was a different guy and he was just out for a quick buck. No problems, they just lose a good customer. I went to a different, but similar place yesterday and it was 13000 for pork, egg, veg and rice!

The problem going round schools with my CV is that if the contract works out it is 6 hours a day 4 days a week, is very well paid and starts next week. I have some other work on Fridays and weekends so cannot take on any more work. So if they gave me work I wouldn't be able to continue it.

I would like to live in Binh Thanh and had a ride around there yesterday. I saw one house for rent and rang the owner, but it was $1200 a month. So the search continues.

If anyone knows of any cheap houses or an agent who can find cheap houses please let me know.

As for busking I don't think you have heard my voice or seen my puppetry skills. I don't think I would earn a lot...

"A horse, A horse a kingdom for my horse..."

Can't see it working. My "horse" is Chinese and $40 a month. The biggest heap of junk ever seen lol

Tor Hershman said...

You have a most interesting blog.

Stay on groovin' safari,

gmralston said...

Chinese bike, bet it's a Hongda or something else with an equally dodgy name. Your right they are crap but as long as it gets you about. I live in Binh Thanh so I will keep my eyes peeled for anything for rent and let you know. We saw apartments for around $350-$400 when we looked a few months ago, property market is scary at the moment.

Sara said...

You seem to have quite a bit of support here. It'll work out i am sure of it. You know what you want and you'll get it.
Take care Teacher Sir.


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