Sunday, 30 March 2008

House in District One

Well, last week I promised pics of the new house and never delivered. The camera battery died on me so time ran out. So now I have taken some pics of the house and here they are. The two small bedrooms are not there, but they are sorta square with a balcony, bed and wardrobe and AC. My room is great, with 3 seater and two seater sofa plus chair, great furniture, a small balcony but no wardrobe. We all have wired internet which has got a bit quicker since we moved in and now isn't too bad, but not shockingly fast.

The house has four bedrooms and a shower room/toilet on the ground floor (1st floor for u Americans) The ground floor is mainly open plan spans two smalls alleys and has electric shutters on both sides of the house. There is plenty of room for motorbikes and a small room we don't use much which can be converted to a guest room. At the top of the house is an open sided washing area with a good quality washing machine. We all share the big balcony off of Kevin and Sandrine's room but we need to buy some chairs as there are only two now.


Nevada Sam said...

Nice pictures! Looks very homey. What is the monthly fee?

ManinVietnam said...

The house is $1000 a month. Between four rooms that is $200 for a small room and $300 for the larger rooms. Plus bills but they should be less than $100 a month between us.

Travelling Duchy said...

Hello! I am new to your blog, I came upon it while looking to see how far a guesthouse in district 1 (Bui vien street)is from Choray hospital. I am looking to book a stay there (district 1) for July.

Can you be of any help at all? It would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

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