Saturday, 12 April 2008

Housewarming Party and John's Birthday

We had our housewarming party Thursday night. About 20 or so people came. I cooked Mashed potatoes with Scrambled egg and ham, two types of sausages, what were called Arabian sausages in the gourmet shop, but as they were pork sausages I think it's unlikely they came from Saudi Arabia, lol and pork sausages from a local shop. They were quite both tasty sausages, which was surprising. Vietnamese sausages have a different taste to Western sausages and are not usually nice, for me anyway. We also made a big salad with Emental cheese and ham. As I didn't get home from work until 7.30 I didn't have time to do everything, so two of our guests, Elizabet and Thuy made the salad, thanks guys, and it was very good. Heidi prepared some sandwiches and make-your-own spring rolls.

We started off with Bia Hoi, with John buying 4 or 5 litres for 30,000 Dong, £1 or $2, with ice. We had a couple of crates of Tiger and 333 beer but had to put them in the freezer to cool. Someone bought a bottle of brandy and there was some bourbon and Heidi bought a bottle of Absolut vodka.

As ever, the Vietnamese had to leave by around 10ish but the rest of us continued until late. I fell asleep in my chair and had to go to bed at sometime in the early hours and the last people, I hear were still going strong until 3.30am.

We moved up to the balcony around 11 or 12 and John played his guitar with Louis, one of the guests, playing along on his harmonica. Which was the highlight of the night for me. They are both superb musicians and played some excellent blues type music.

The guy who puked in the toilet, all over the walls, floor and toilet, and didn't even try and clean it up wasn't so much fun, as I had to clean it the next morning. The only pictures that were taken were by the guy who puked in the toilet, so I doubt if I'll be able to see them or put them up...

So a great night seemed to be had by all. All the food I cooked was eaten and everyone said it was good, so the effort was worth it. Everyone seemed to have a good night and we had no complaints from the neighbours, which was pleasing. It does seem a good place to live and it was a great party.

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Nevada Sam said...

Sounds like a good time, except for the dude who upchucked, which is always a drag to clean up.

So things seem to be working out in Uncle Ho Town and that's good to hear, Graham.

If you like, tell us about the school you are teaching at and how that's going.


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