Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Post at Long Last

If anyone still reads my blog:

I have plenty of time now because my school, who said at the end of the 12 week course I had been teaching on, there would be a new course for me. However, it transpired that all they had was a link to someone else who had a "live in" job somewhere in the provinces. Which, of course, I turned down.

So I am looking for work again, just at the wrong time of year when there are few jobs around. With Christmas and Tet holiday coming up and bills to be paid I hope something comes up soon. I have applied for a few so far, so now waiting for replies.


Sam Evans said...

Ah the great blogger is back at it...don't give into procrastination...tell us the tales of the city.

Sara said...

Well thats two of us then!!

Good to see you back blogging again.
Hope to see more wonderful pictures and tales

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