Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Things I’ll miss in Saigon:

My girlfriend and all the friendly people I’ve met.

My motorbike and the freedom it gives.

The hot weather and never having to wear a jumper or coat.

Freezing cold Saigon Red beer.

Banh Mi Thit -- French bread with a mixture of paté, cold meats, salad, chilli, soy sauce, etc all freshly made while you wait. Also near the Asian High School there are some ladies who sell Banh Mi Trung va Thit - French bread with 2 fried eggs, barbequed, spicy red meat, salad and chilli with sauces, that are absolutely delicious too. I often buy one of those before work then go and sit in a coffee shop and eat it with café da or a very strong shot of coffee over ice.

My students at UVT, who are lovely and always willing to learn, and some of the children at Asian High School.

Having a cleaner so no housework, living in rented accommodation so all the little jobs around the house are someone else’s responsibility and being able to eat out every night even though you don’t work many hours.

The prices of food and beer.

Being close to the rest of Asia so being able to visit neighbouring countries easily and cheaply.

The bottom spray in the toilet. Toilet roll just isn’t clean enough on its own.

What I look forward to about living in England:

Sunday dinners! Roast chicken or lamb or pork (with crackling), mashed potatoes and roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, sprouts and cauliflower, onion sauce and lashings of gravy.

Poundland and Primark plus Lidl, and those other cheap German supermarkets.

Fast Internet, and once I get somewhere to live, a decent, fast computer.

Being closer to my family.

Summer barbecues.

British pubs, luke-warm, brown beer and beer festivals.

British culture, including theatre, especially Shakespeare, newspapers and magazines and British TV instead of all the American crap we get here.

Being able to speak to anyone and everyone and be understood and being able to have a laugh and a joke instead of being restricted to just a few words and phrases due to my poor language skills.

What I don’t look forward to about living in England:

Speed cameras.

Never-ending winters.

High taxes.

Expensive food and beer.

Any other ideas are welcome. I am sure there are lots of other things to add.

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Bangkok Girl said...

I appreciate in assiduous of Vietnamese and I like Vietnam food very much.
I wish for go to Halong Bay once time...

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