Monday, 14 March 2011

Did I do the right thing returning to UK?

It has been a long time since I blogged so thought I would put some feelings down to try and get some ideas out into the blogosphere.

Up to a few days ago that would have been an easy question. I have been hard at work studying for the MA and doing the Advanced Teaching Practice, which took all my energy, teaching skills and time and was something I was really enjoying. When you have your head down, working hard and then get a break, your body says look he's not working I can be ill now. Sometimes you forget to consider how you feel and when you get a break suddenly realise that something is not right.

So I have a bit of a dip.

I have suddenly realised I have few friends, no girlfriend, no one who cares whether I feel up or down, all I have is studying, studying and more studying. I know it is only one year and will be finished in September, and I have done the hardest part, but I have also done the best part. I love teaching and the group we taught were a very friendly and interesting group, so I didn't mind all the preparation.

I am not looking forward to the dissertation - it is 15,000 words and the last one I did for my degree was very nearly a disaster and I ended up with only a C grade. So that makes me worry about this one. I hope I get better guidance than last time.

Today a language school rang and asked me to work for them, but they wanted 5 mornings a week and I had to say I couldn't. Uni work is going to take up most of my energy for a few months yet. They said they might have some part-time work and would email me with the details, but nothing yet.

On a high note a squash club has offered me a very good student rate and I am definitely going to start playing again. Something which should get those endorphins moving and cheer me up a bit...


Blessed~ said...

Hey , i stumbled upon your blog .. while looking for something in hanoi..I enjoyed reading some of your entries. Keep writing..:)

ManinVietnam said...

Thanks! Yours is the first comment anyone has left for months. I like writing but if no one is reading it doesn't seem worth the bother

nightstargazer said...

I'm looking at teaching in Vietnam which is how I found your blog.
I saw this entry and thought I'd ask, why don't you go back? I mean, if it's the place you love who says you gotta live your life in a traditional way?
Haha, sorry. I know I'm a stranger giving this advice. But life is short and you should do what makes you happy. If being in Vietnam makes you happy, that's where you should be :)

ManinVietnam said...

Sorry I missed the comment, nightstargazer, and things have moved on since I posted that miserable post lol

I finished the Masters, got another C for the dissertation but got through it and am now working in a University in Thailand.

I've just had a month in the islands, which I enjoyed immensely. I am going to put some pics up later..

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