Wednesday, 28 March 2007

An Evening Laser Shooting then onto the Toilet Bar

Had a really busy few days..

Been laser shooting, which was amazing. It is the first time I have done it and I was pretty crap, but had lots of fun. First time I scored quite well, but the second game I hadn't noticed I had swapped sides (from red to green) and spent at least five of the twenty minutes shooting and being shot by my own team members! They have told Simone they are closing, which would be a shame... So if you are in Hanoi get over there and start supporting them to keep them open...

I have been doing two jobs and have started viewing houses.

Today I saw three houses around the city. Each had its good and bad points. But none of the houses were outstanding. One had five bedrooms and was around 400/450 dollars a month, but was a bit out of the way.

On Sunday after the shooting and a couple of beers at the Bia Hoi I accompanied Simone and Malcolm's friend Ronan to the Toilet Bar! An unusual name for a bar (with no toilets visible anywhere in the venue) although I am sure there were some available in the Gents and Ladies. With it being around 30C here I rarely have to use the toilet so didn't get to find out... The bar was populated by young Vietnamese, a couple of Russian looking guys and me and Ronan. The music was great and lots of dancing took place (not by me, however) but I did have a couple of Carlsbergs (for 40 or 50,000 Dong each (I was charged 40,000, Ronan 50,000) which seems a bit steep! It took us a while to find as it was at a different address to where we were told, and closed around 12.30. There is also a pool table there, so it is a cool place to hang out. Most locals drank bottles of whiskey, which would work out cheaper I'm sure.

Anyway, time for work again...

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