Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Hanoi an (unfinished) poem

Hanoi: A place like no other

A place you can't watch Big Brother

A city with a beautiful lake

that makes you feel so awake

A place you can hear Big Brother

speakers tell you be a good mother

Where Lenin looks over a park

Are the people still in the dark?

A city without a McDonalds

worth more than a million emeralds

the yellow dogs stop the traffic

at times it seems pornographic

Hanoi: A difficult city to live

where the people never forgive

Where Confucius has a great say

remember beating China, the USA?

Where boys fly around on bikes

Impaling themselves on spikes

killing eleven people a day

leaves families in disarray

A beautiful city to spend time

A city almost without crime

Hanoi is a home from home

Where you wanna write a poem

Needs a bit more work, run out of time...

Any suggestions welcome...


favji said...

Great! I'm delighted of waiting for your next blog post poem on Hanoi city.
I'll make the pub of your blog towards Vietnamese youth. You will be well known over vnese public!! Sure!

favji said...

Yes, I agree with you, most VNese people live in the dark. Their view field is eclised by Communist hand!

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