Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Fun in Hanoi

Well life has been a bit hectic lately so no blogs unfortunately. I haven't managed to get the pics off Clio of the snake restaurant we visited on Sunday or mentioned SoHot restaurant near the Cathedral or TexMex restaurant on Giang Vo.

And just remembered the surprise karaoke party/birthday party my friends threw for me last week. I hate karaoke so it wasnt exactly the ideal setting, but it is the thought that counts I suppose and the cake and champagne were nice. Julien has those pics so I can't post those either atm.

And now I won't have the chance as tomorrow I am off to England for two weeks followed by two weeks in Thailand and Cambodia if all goes to plan. A whole month off work! Yippeeeeeee!!!

So I doubt if I will blog much during my time away

So see you next month


a.k.a. Blandly Urbane said...

This is quite a site and quite a life!!!!!!

Suffering from a bit of envy - the pictures really make those posts -

Omar Cruz said...

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Sara said...

Well the 2 weeks in UK have come and gone in a wonderful flash... Thank you for spending so much time here, and making me remember why I like you.
Take care xxxx

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