Friday, 19 October 2007

My trip to UK, Thailand and Cambodia

Well it is nice to be back in Hanoi. I enjoyed my two weeks in West Sussex England with my friend sw. I saw my mother and stepdaughter, took them to Great Yarmouth, went to the wedding of my friends Brian and Mazzie and a very strange but brilliant karaoke hosted by a lady man who sang beautifully and took the piss out of everyone, followed by a week in Thailand where I bought a Nintendo Wii in Pantip Plaza but spent most of my time on the Kao San Road before meeting up with Fiona and heading to Koh Chang, which is the Thai island closest to Cambodia. It is very biodiverse, beautiful, mountainous yet lacks beaches, at least at this time it did. The weather wasn't the best either, with big seas and some rain. So it was great to get to the lovely Sihanoukville in Cambodia where we had a great time with great weather on the wonderful soft sandy beaches.

I would write more but I am totally addicted to playing Metroid Prime 3 Corruption on my wii and need to get back to it...

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Sara said...

SW loved you visiting, and I wish the time had been much longer, I've never had soneone stay with me longer then 2 nights, and I wasnt p'd off with sharing my home at all.
Thanks for making my time with you so much fun, I am glad I found out what a Weatherspoons is like.

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