Tuesday, 13 November 2007

pics of Hanoi

I took a few pics as I was wandering around Hanoi today so thought I would share them with you my reader.

As I was getting close to home on Dien Bien Phu I saw a motorbike with two giant vases loaded on. I tried to take a pic but it was difficult with a bus hooting behind me and motorbikes all around me and unable to get it out of fourth gear and take the pic all at the same time, so I'm afraid it is a bit blurred. I took another one but another bike cut in front at just the wrong time (but u can see the vases, if not the bike, in front of her to the left) in the first pic.

After this is a picture of a very strange (for Hanoi) food van. In the West it is normal to see similar food vans, but in Hanoi it just seems so out of place, so worthy of a pic.

Then there is the pic of three grandads and one grandchild, enjoying the afternoon warmth of an autumn day near Hoan Kiem

Followed by the late afternoon sun shining on a building and reflected in the lake

Finally, an unusual view of a much photographed bridge on Hoan Kiem.


Sara said...

I do love that stick insect bridge.

NV-Sam said...

Great pictures....keep up the blog....always fun to read!

Fiddi said...

I like your blog G-man.. keep up the good work.. =) Hope life is treating you well G-man..you deserve every sec of it.. missing you.. Take care G-man ..

ManinVietnam said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I have about three weeks left in Hanoi so everything I look at I wonder whether I am going to miss. You just never know what you'll miss until it's too late!

I am hoping I can find a similar house in HCM with some more good friends where I'll be happy like I have been here.


egoldviet said...

A nice pic of TheHuc Bridge. And The meaning of that Stick Insect Bridge's name is "Waitting the Morning Sunlight"

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