Monday, 12 November 2007

Cheap airlines

I saw these new airlines while browsing and thought I would pass them on. They seem fantastic value.

First up is Oasis which flies from Gatwick (London) to Hong Kong for £99 each way (which after taxes etc works out to around £300 return.

The other airline is Nokair

This flies from Hanoi to Bangkok. I looked today and the prices were $8.97 from Hanoi to BKK and $0.09 from BKK to Hanoi! After tax this worked out less than $100 return.

Take a look. Let me know if you see any other cheap airlines that you think might be useful or especially if you find a cheap way from Hanoi/HCM (I'm moving to Ho Chi Minh early December) to Hong Kong.


Raymond Lim said...

Try Airasia.
By the way, how's the weather is Hanoi & Sapa now ? also Ha Long bay. Are they very cold ? I will be there in end November, but no idea what type of clothing to bring along..

ManinVietnam said...

Cold in Sapa I should think, you will need warm clothes. Coolish in Hanoi but not too bad (about 25C)

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