Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Quiz at Le Pub, Saigon

We Won!!!!

Although one housemate was the writer/producer of the quiz, she did not tell us any of the answers. Our other housemate also took part in writing the quiz but stuck to her guns and also refused to tell us any answers.

The quiz was very international and we had a very international team. So that is why we won a whole bottle of wine!

The last quiz I won, in Wolverhampton, UK, with Daniel (hello Dan), we won £50!!! and were fortunate that night, too.

Tonight's questions were incredibly hard, about things like when were certain cheeses, like cheddar and Gouda invented, where were french fries first eaten and where was the plant rhubarb first discovered.

So altogether, I think we deserve a round of applause, and so does the quizmistress, Arielle, but I won't hold my breath...

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