Monday, 15 June 2009

Urban Dictionary Definitions of Graham

1. Graham 303 up, 64 down love it hate it

Graham is an old SCOTTISH name (not english you limey bugger). It means Grey Home and the earliest known Graham was the Earl of Mountrose.
Read the definition of Graham.
graham gram greame grey home scotland scottish graham crackers golden grahams
by C.W. Graham Oct 26, 2006 share this
2. Graham 86 up, 11 down love it hate it

A tall handsome and utterly fuck worthy dude that has no place on this earth as it is entirely beneath him. Women fall at his feet and are often found exploding in orgasm as he may pass them by.
"Whoa dude is that a 'Graham'?"

"Yeah, what's he doing on earth, I thought he was like on another level"

"Oh my god I think I just came"
graham grum gorgeous handsome fit
by MandaLovesIt Apr 1, 2009 share this
3. Graham 50 up, 53 down love it hate it

A tall, skinny, permanently awkward boy.
Someone who explodes every time he is given a compliment, and is likely to fall over if ever given a hug.
A Grahams natural habitat is in the cold confines of his own room, and is rarely seen in any other surroundings.
Despite tendencies to fall over and say the wrong thing in any situation, he's also lovely, and obviously one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
Graham's awesome :)
grumpy tall brilliant alcoholic daft
by lakencake;; Feb 7, 2009 share this
4. Graham 135 up, 159 down love it hate it

A guy who is incredibly good looking, athletic, smart, and loves to get blumpys
Graham's the man. He got the biggest blumpkin last night from Ronald McDonald
blumkin blowjob hot carl alabama hot picket cum
by Grambo Oct 29, 2007 share this
5. Graham 46 up, 74 down love it hate it

Guy who constantly says the wrong thing to girls and his peers. Completely oblivious to the fact that everyone thinks hes a douche. Often says "hilarus" instead of "hilarious" and waggles his hand around when he talks.
Dude, why were you such a graham yesterday? The was really lame.
douche wigger cracker duncan racist
by johnlewis42 Jan 29, 2009 share this
6. Graham 97 up, 151 down love it hate it

"Graham" is a simplistic term used commonly to describe thy holy father that resides in the heavens. Rumour has it that the only remaining specimin lives in an area called parkwood among other inbred bastards. This is only legend however.....
Holy shit, its a graham! BLESS ME WITH THY PANTLESS GENETALS!!!
graham god bible hooper allah
by Steven Dickinson Aug 10, 2006 share this
7. graham 42 up, 127 down love it hate it

A fresh bloke that constantly hooks up with fat ugly girls.
Oh my god i did a graham
Dude ur so out the group
grahma grigga brett howdy lolw
by winngerwanger Aug 7, 2006 share this

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