Saturday, 3 March 2007

Now anyone can post comments!!!

I have just been told by my friend Simone that you couldn't post comments unless you logged in. So I have changed the settings so anyone can now comment.


I would especially like to hear from old friends from home and around the world. I miss you all...

So come on Tik, Fick, Fidd, Tony, A-man. Tanya, Bert, Flossy, Dai (some chance! He still hasn't worked out how to turn his computer on, so blogs might be a bit beyond him), I sent him a txt wishing him happy St David's day, but he hasn't even replied to that! Phill, Ian and Martin, and everyone else I have forgotten (sorry it isn't deliberate I am just getting old and my memory doesn't work like it used to)

If you know anyone that might know me send the address of my blog to them. I think I have let my email list slip a bit...


Sim Sam said...

Cool pics of the Old Quarter Graham!!! I will soon have my pictures ready to share with the public...although you will get to see some on the walls of our house when you come over tomorrow night! Have a good day off and see you on Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

it sounds fascinating and i am glad to see you settling in so well. keep enjoying your time and thank you for sharing :)


Anonymous said...

You had a wonderful trip. I saw many picture in your trip, they are beautiful. It seems that, you are discovering each conner in Hanoi. Wish you each day in Hanoi is a nice memory!

Thanh Xuan

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