Friday, 2 November 2007

Moving to HCM

Well I have decided to leave Hanoi at the end of the month and head to Ho Chi Minh. The weather in Hanoi is cold and damp and winter is approaching. So now seems as good a time as any to see what it is like living in the South's capital.

So if you know of a HCM houseshare that is looking for a new housemate or an independent school that needs an experienced English teacher with great qualifications, then let me know. I am probably going down there without either a job or a place to stay.

I will miss Julien and Clio, Henrik, Steve and Fiona and many of the lovely people I have met in Hanoi. I will miss my pupils, who are so keen to learn and fun to teach. I will miss walking round Hoan Kiem Lake and weekends away on the motorbikes.

But I am looking forward to being in HCM and the warm weather, the better nightlife, and later opening restaurants and bars. Although I think the traffic and the pollution may be even worse down there.

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